Chief Philosopher

David Birnbaum


David Birnbaum describes himself as a poet and philosopher. His work can be found here. These have been his vocations since finishing his institutional education. David was always interested in student politics, dating back to grade 7 when he inherently saw the flaws of the first past the post system and utilized vote-splitting to win an election.  While attending The University of Waterloo, David obtained a degree in Civil Engineering; although he mostly enjoyed courses on decision making and urban planning.

Upon graduation from UW, David attempted to continue serving his peers through a path in federal politics, volunteering with the Liberal Party of Canada and local Members of Parliament. He was extremely disheartened by what he viewed as the corrupt state of politics, and the apathetic state of the public at large. These conditions led him to start his first podcast, Mi Politics, which was a precursor to The Safe Space and BTI Media. He is proud to be the Founder and Chief Philosopher of a company he believes will make a difference in the world.

In addition to poet and philosopher, he would describe himself as a left-wing libertarian, and an aspiring 50 year old lady. He is passionate about mental health, mindfulness, spirituality, the metoo movement and plans to one day live in the woods.