I think I’m an ally
But what does that mean
No longer simple
Definition not clean

I claim to support whom I wish
What happens if they disagree
If I don’t support them well enough
Then the problem is me

Yet so many people
Reinforce their stand
I am an ally
They clearly demand

If those same people
You claim to support
Don’t feel your love
How dare you retort

I think I’m an ally
But maybe I’m not
I’m trying to be
Please give me a shot

We’re in this together
I want you to thrive
Equality of all
Is to what we both strive

I’ll help spread the message
Though sad there’s a need
I choose to be an ally
That will be my creed

And if I stumble
Somewhere along the way
I’ll keep my heart open
Always allow you your say

I think I’m an ally
How could I not be
I cannot get sleep
If one person’s unfree

It’s not just one person
It’s half of the world
Still treated as lesser
These poor little girls

Not only girls
But grown women too
Equality everywhere
Or else just untrue

And so I must set
Equality in my sites
The only way forward
The only way right

So many claim it
Sign onto a pact
We can’t just exclaim it
We must start to act

I think I’m an ally
And I’ll act in that fashion
But I’ll listen to them
For it’s not just a passion

It is their existence
Their life and their being
No way I could know
The truth they are seeing

But we all must look
At our actions each day
What we do to each other
Take note, lead the way

So I will lead
In whatever way I can
But still know my place
In this fight as a man

I sit here an ally
I try more and more
Do please come join me
That much, I implore

We are the change
We wish to see
Stand, look and listen
Help women be free

David Birnbaum