Tryin to write a song about fruit
First get the topic, I’m like shoot
How do I write a bunch of rhymes
About some lemons & some limes
They’ll make your mouth into a pucker
Add them to vodka don’t be a sucker
But if you think with fruit I’m through
I’ll pull it back to honeydew
It is the worst of the main melons
Can’t fathom why they’re even sellin
I’d much rather cantaloupe
Oh so juicy just wanna grope
But let’s not forget all the berries
Without them life would be scary
Got blue and ras and straw and black
Best eat them ‘less you’re a hack
Most important is the banana
But all of this fruit is the manna
Given to us from above
Apples, pears they bring us love
This taste for fruit is catchable
Just don’t you mention vegetables
That’s why tomatoes on our side
And avocado will not hide
Like the fruit these rhymes are fresh
And you can bite them in the flesh

David Birnbaum