Originally Published on Medium - September 14, 2018

Feels weird to write a happy poem
 These pages really feel like home
 Somewhere to go and sit and talk
 A place of pure unfiltered thought
 So why do they all seem so sad
 Inside my head its not that bad
 Perhaps Im safe with the grief
 My taste of true happiness still so brief
 The world is truly full of joy
 Yet the words to express it remain so coy
 When it comes to happiness I’m still a student
 Im working at it now; Im prudent
 I do feel happy thoughts inside
 They’re just much harder to describe
 How do you capture the beauty of life
 In just a few words, it causes me strife
 Perhaps I just don’t need to process
 Happy as much as sad
 I have felt the happy
 But it does not linger
 This too shall pass
 Practice makes perfect
 And so
 We begin