Originally Published on Medium - September 13, 2018

 How can you not believe
 How can you not know
 Know for a fact
 Know God
 If you sit & you think
 You find him
 You find him & your Self
 How can you not believe
 When you know the size of the world
 The galaxy
 The universe 
 And our place in it
 Both insignificant
 And infinite
 If you sit & think
 All the stars in the sky
 All the possibilities in your life
 Both above & below
 Without & within
 All that exists
 Is infinite
 You are all powerful
 All powerful & insignificant
 When you know the size of the universe
 The galaxy
 The world
 How can you not believe
 In him & your Self
 As you start to find them
 Sit & Think
 Know God
 Know for a fact
 Know that you can know
 Know that you can believe
 In God