Originally Published on Medium - September 16, 2018

A blank mind now exists
When I need it so
From that starting point
These thoughts and poems just flow

I am exactly who I am
And who I’m meant to be
Ignore any other thought
On these pages I flow free

I never knew I needed
An outlet such as this
Now the habit’s formed
And so it shall persist

I feel truly magnificent
I lay it on this page
Some may call it arrogance
Some it may enrage

To them I say I’m sorry
That they are trapped inside
Other people’s dogma’s
I no longer abide

I hope they find the strength
To find their own magnificence
To also truly know
Their own most dear significance

In this world of love
Each one of us is vital
More of us will realize
The wave, it will be tidal

It will wash the world
Of all the hate and sin
Only through each of us
Will happiness and love win

The key to that is simple
Just trust in who you are
Ignore all of the haters
They are not on par

Once you can accomplish
That one major feat
Your mind can be as blank as mine
And what comes next is neat

You are truly magical
That you’ll realize
The world is all beauty
You’ll see it with your eyes

And then you can come join me
In spreading loving words
When enough of us start speaking
The message will get heard.