Donald Trump Personifies America

Originally Published on Medium - April 23, 2018

I have wanted to talk about this one for a while as well.

When Trump was elected, we often heard about how he does not signify America. How the real America was better represented by Obama.

But, from my perspective, I disagree.

Growing up in Canada, we often heard about our Southern siblings. I was told that if I traveled, to make sure the person knew I was Canadian, to get better treatment abroad. But more than that, I would interact and hear about American’s directly often.


They would tell me how great their country was, they would tell me how Canadians wish they could be Americans. They were often arrogant, and ignorant to Canada and much of the rest of the world.

And that was also seen in the world. America did what it wanted for most of its history. It knew best, and would just move forward and not ever apologize or own up to its past discretions.

When Donald Trump came about, I more viewed him as the perfect personification of the U.S. of A. He was brash, unapologetic, arrogant and didn’t care much for anyone else. That is the U.S. I remember learning about and experiencing.

While many people like to think that 8 years of Obama changed the U.S., that was only 8 years. The decades prior paint a very different picture. And so to all of the Americans who think that Trump does not represent their country, I say take a look at yourselves in the mirror. Not your little circle of New York hipsters, but your country as a whole. It turns out, as ignorant as you think your counterparts may be about the world, you are equally about your own country.

David BirnbaumTrump, USA