Good Job Feminists, You're Winning - Now What

Originally Published on Medium - August 14, 2018

I have many thoughts on feminism, and I am sure you will get to know them overtime. What I want to focus on in this piece is the fact that feminism is winning its battle. Rightly so, you might say. But just because I agree with the ends, does not automatically make the means correct. That is the fundamental flaw with a lot of the Left at the moment, but it is most evident with Feminism.

Western masculism has its back against the wall. You might say it is good, and in some ways I agree, but empirically it is not. As women have fought for more rights, fought to change the narrative of how women are in the home, workplace, and world, they have completely left the men out of the conversation.

And men have been completely lost and devalued. They do not know what to do with themselves. I am a perfect example. I was trained by society at large, and in particular the media, that I should get my value from “being a man.” That meant being the breadwinner, being tough, getting laid and the like. Men were trained that their penis size and net worth were important, and that getting a girlfriend was all that mattered. It is terrible that they were trained this way, but now many young men have been stripped bare. They have been told that everything they were taught and thought they should get value from was horrible and wrong. And they are bad people inherently, regardless of what they did with that background.

This is a mistake. We cannot hope for a proper egalitarian society if we do not bring men along with women. Men have to know it is okay to get value from other things, to be sensitive, to be a homemaker. The response to this train of thought is varied, but is often dismissed. Men have everything, why are they complaining. Women are the victims, why focus on men at all. But the fact of the matter is we want to coexist in a harmonious society, and that means everyone needs to be on everyone’s team.

Men will feel less threatened in the workforce if that isn’t the only way they know how to get value. Men won’t be as aggressive in romance if it isn’t the thing that defines their self worth the most. These are important conversations we should have been having in the last 40+ years. They are conversations we need to have now.