Hot Take: The Government is Failing on Technology

Originally Published on Medium - March 23, 2018

So, another item on this Cambridge Analytica episode. Also with the Russian interference. Why is it up to Mark Zuckerberg to stop these things. Yes, he runs the platform that is being used and abused. But he makes a valid point that the CIA, the Pentagon, they have much more information to go on.


What it comes down to is that the government is failing when it comes to technology. The old men in suits do not even have the capability of regulating Facebook and other technology giants, because they don’t know how they work. It has gotten to a point that we are hopeful that the leaders of these companies are good people and will self regulate. It turns out, Mark Zuckerberg is trying to be, lucky us. But he is a private company that exists with very few regulations. Why shouldn’t he sell our data to be manipulated. Why shouldn’t he allow people access.

And when it comes to foreign interference, who is Facebook to try and battle the Russian government or any other. It is about time we put rules, and politicians, in place to understand the worlds we live in, the physical and the digital. Because to keep betting that the owners of massive corporations are going to all be virtuous, let’s just say I would rather bet on Red.

David Birnbaum