Hot Takes - Healthcare and Channel 4 Mistake

Originally Posted on Medium - February 12, 2018

Amazon Health Care

I think the WellsFargo, Amazon and Warren Buffet healthcare coalition is a very interesting one. If and when it works for their employees, and potentially many millions of more Americans, would it not actually prove the capitalist argument? That when the market decides it needs something, it can create it.

But more than that, they will do it better and more efficiently than government, guaranteed. Despite the fact that it will not be a for-profit enterprise, they will still want high paid people to run it, and they will still not want to lose money. These are parameters that the government typically cares less about. I think it could start a very interesting shift in the US, but it may very well help prove the anti-government program arguments.


Jordan Peterson’s Channel 4 Interview

I have been sitting on this for a while. In the now virally infamous Jordan Peterson channel 4 interview, there is one moment that Cathy Newman actually had an ability to completely deconstruct Peterson’s arguments, but she missed it. And that larger point was completely lost in the post-interview circus.

Peterson is all about touting the data about what traits make you likely to have success in the workforce, and he is happy to point out that these traits tend to skew towards men. But Newman mentions how, the workforce is a system built by men, built to value those traits. He slightly concedes, but that point is not pushed forward.

That is the most important thing when talking about equality in the workforce, talking about pay equity. The system is built around men and male traits. For Peterson to use data to supposedly support his arguments is flawed. There is no control measure, no other baseline. We have no way to prove the traits that are more “valued” are actually more “valuable.” I would have loved to see this been the main topic of discussion during that interview, and coming out of it. I am very disappointed that was not the case.