My Friends Are Better Than Your Journalists

Originally Published on Medium - August 15, 2018

I want to make a bet with most major news outlets that exist right now; my friends are better than your journalists. That is the bet I am making with my company, and that is the bet I will win.

Trust in journalism is at a low point, but I think that is matched with the level of journalistic integrity that exists right now. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and regardless of any good reporting that the major news organizations still do, it is interlinked with the absolute drivel it now publishes too.


I don’t explicitly blame them, they need to make money, and they think Facebook and Twitter are the way to do that. They think they need to post clickbait titles, and extreme narratives to get spread and get attention. It truly is difficult to not be led astray. But they have fallen victim to their self-created echo chamber.

They now employ people who write hatred, write absurd opinions, and even sometimes try to present it as news. They think they can only present one side of the argument, or their existing viewers will get mad. They do not know how to access the larger market, so they stick with what they know. Their market is now so small, and their views so limited, that I think my friends can do a better job than their journalists.

My friends who can have thoughtful dialogue about any and all topics. Who know that it is okay to disagree, and that no one is inherently and irredeemably bad for doing so. My friends who know that diversity of opinion is the truly important thing, and that all topics have some semblance of nuance. My friends who are gay and straight, brown and white, male and female and otherwise. These are the people that you want to listen to you, but you refuse to listen to them.

I will be listening. BTI will be listening. And that is why we will win. Because journalistic integrity is so low right now, that my friends can do it better than you.