Trump and Trudeau - Two Sides of the Same Coin

Originally Published on Medium - April 23, 2018

I have wanted to write about this for a while; the only thing special about Donald Trump is that he is authentically full of shit.

I had my political awakening during the 2015 Canadian Federal election, which also happened to be the Republican primaries. In the years since, I can’t help but to continually notice all of the similarities between Trump, Trudeau and really most politicians.

Because when it comes down to it, all politicians lie. With Donald Trump, we were just surprised at the group he was lying to. We weren’t used to them being catered to, we want our lies, not theirs! But we dismiss them as idiots, for believing the campaign promises Trump made. How are we any different. Trudeau made hundreds of promises, which people rationally could not expect all to be kept, but it was fine because they were altruistic lies.

And this brings me to the main point. What Donald Trump and Doug Ford have that appeals to people. They are real. You might think Donald Trump is a liar and a cheat. Most politicians are, but they pretend not to be. Donald Trump seems to authentically be full of shit, but at least he is authentic.

It is again a problem of the left that we hold our politicians to impossible standards, so they cannot be real. Bernie Sanders was real, and he got support. Hilary Clinton was, similar to Trudeau, a machination of the political class. This is how a political human should act, so we will try to get that political human elected.

Despite the trends on the right side of the spectrum, we are not learning. We continue to push identity politics first, not let our politicians apologize or be flawed. It is up to us, the people who want real work to be done, rather than politicians to are created around ideologies, to open up the left.

It is not true that only right wing people are flawed, but that is the way the media paints politics largely. That is because the people running the left refuse to allow real humans to participate.

That needs to stop before it is too late. All politicians lie, and most are fake. Rather than getting mad that certain segments on the right realize people are sick of it, and pushing more artificial politicians, we need to allow real people to run.

As an aside: this weekend in Halifax Trudeau spoke about the Conservatives still being the party of Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper was to the Liberals what Hilary Clinton was to Trump: A boogeyman and a loser in the last election. Just another great similarity between ideological heads.