What Drugs Can Politicians Do?

Originally Published on Medium - August 3, 2018

With the passage of marijuana legalization, I think other drugs will come into the spotlight more in the coming years. But even legal weed is an interesting one.

When Trudeau was running for Prime Minister, he was called out for having admitted to smoking weed once. The conservatives used it in attack ads, and I am sure it turned many people off of him. But what about you?

If you are like me, you didn’t care, or were even a little proud. Most people I know have tried weed, including many people over 40. This is not a surprise to anyone, but I do think it is an interesting item of discussion.

What do millennials think about drug use, and what will the older generations continue to think? Now that weed will be legal, is it acceptable for politicians, journalists and the like to admit they indulge? What about if it is found out they did when it was still illegal? I presume many of the older generations will still care, and I have family members that still believe weed is equivalent to the Devil. I am more hopeful for my peers and my generation.

But then I think about other drugs. Cocaine, LSD, Shrooms, Heroine. I know people who have tried various of these drugs, and I am sure there are current, and hopeful, politicians who have as well. I want to know if you care about that. I want to know if my generation cares about what people do in their private lives, as long as it doesn’t impact their work.

You see, the older generations believed fundamentally that drug use proved you had bad morals. And someone who smoked pot could not be morally fit to serve in office. I simply do not believe that. I want to know what other people believe. Is it okay if we find out Jagmeet Singh once had a great shroom trip? Is it okay if Andrew Scheer one snorted cocaine in college?

What about me; I have tried at least 2 drugs “harder” than weed. Does that disqualify me from ever being able to be “fit” to serve in office? By prevailing standards, the answer is yes. I think those standards are stupid, to be frank. What do you think?

This is going to serve as a fundmental question of our time. What will our standards be for our leaders, our politicians, with regards to their past. This is the easiest of examples, but even then. Which drugs, what age, what amount, how often? Are we going to hold some arbitrary standard like those before us, such that no politician could be open about their past. That no one with a really tough past would be able to survive in politics.

What about sexual partners, dumb YouTube videos. Never before has so much of our past been known and accessible. There will be many other questions we need to determine as we continue to strengthen our control as the largest age demographic in the country, as we more and more have our voices heard. So what do you think?