What I Think Happened with the Separation Stuff

Originally Published on Medium - Aug 2, 2018

I will admit I have not read up daily on everything that supposedly happened or did not happen with the separation of children and parents at the U.S. border. Perhaps because of it, I was able to remain outside of the outrage machine, and try to get some context of what happened overall.

Firstly, I think that people are ready and willing to blame Donald Trump instantly for anything that goes wrong. Perhaps he has earned that reputation, but that doesn’t mean it is true in each instance. From what I understand; the policy of separating parents from children is standard when someone is going to face a trial. This policy was implemented under Barack Obama at the border, and he was warned that it could cause problems, but no one cared and it didn’t matter.

All Donald Trump did was increase the amount of enforcement at the border. You can disagree with this, but it is far different than him putting in place the policy of separating parents from children. He upped the amount of parents being detained as they entered the country, and the existing policy was to separate them from their parents.

This became an outrage very quickly, and he was automatically blamed as some malicious Hitler-type who horribly moved forward with his policy of ripping apart families. In actuality, he stated that this was an existing policy, undercame more pressure to change something, and then did. Despite how much we may want things to change instantly, they do not. He could not instantly reverse the process that was underway as soon as the problem was identified, but he appears to be trying.

Congress proposed a legislative solution, but the democrats wanted 1) to keep the focus on Trump, and 2) a supposedly quicker solution. That is valid, I do not know if legislation can be expedited to the speed of executive orders. I do however notice that whichever party wants something, regardless of who is President, all of a sudden becomes more okay with executive use of power.

Set aside all of the spreading of the photo of the little girl that was not actually separated from her mother, or the fact that no one cares for the whole story if the narrative fits their doctrine. From what I understand, Donald Trump implemented a tougher border policy (as he was elected on, and you may very well disagree with) and there were some unforeseen consequences based on the existing system. Maybe he is incompetent, and should have known this would happen, but that isn’t the same as him being Hitler. That isn’t even the same as him forcefully removing Japanese from their homes and putting them in camps. Sorry.