To Everyone I Love,

To everyone I love,

I write you this letter not our of fear, nor out of rage, but out of that love that I feel for all of you.
You cannot help me now. As difficult as that is for you to read, it is perhaps more difficult for me to write.
I don’t know what ails me, but I know that only I hold the cure. I have waited so long, leaning on each and everyone of you more than was fair, hoping that you could provide me with the medicine I so dearly needed.
But now I reach a point of no return. I either move forward, or cease to move at all. It is the residual strength that you have all given me in the past that allows me to move forward now, alone. For I am always alone, but never truly alone.
An so I move forward, as slowly as I need, but as steadily as the sun rises and falls, the earth turns, and your love continues to flow.
I do not know where I will go, who I will meet along the way, or who I will be at each step, but I must begin walking.
All there ever was, all there is, and all there ever will be is this moment, this letter, these words. And so I start to find my strength to bring me here and now, as difficult as that may be for me. Because if I can manage it, we all can, and we will all be at peace.
So I thank you. Even though you cannot walk with me, know that you do. Know that as you walk your path, so you walk mine and all of ours.
And we will journey into eternity together.
I look forward to seeing you there.
Much love,

David Birnbaum